Multi-site support

ICanBoogie has built-in multi-site support and can be configured for different domains or environments. Even if you are dealing with only one domain, this feature can be used to provide different configuration for the dev, staging, and production versions of a same application.

The intended location for your custom application code is in a separate app directory, but another directory can be defined with the app-root autoconfig directive, which is relative to the root directive.

ICanBoogie searches for config directories to add to the autoconfig. Packages may alter the autoconfig as well. For instance, icanboogie/module searches for modules directories.

Instance name

The instance name of the application is used to resolve the application paths. It is usually defined by the ICANBOOGIE_INSTANCE environment variable but can be retrieved from PHP_SAPI or $_SERVER.

If the environment variable is not defined, the instance name defaults as follows:

Resolving applications paths

Consider an application root directory with the following directories:


The directory all contains resources that are common to all instances. It is always added if present. The directory default is only added if no directory matches the instance name.

To resolve the matching directory, the instance name is first broken into parts and the most specific ones are removed until a corresponding directory is found. For instance, given the server name, the following directories are tried:,, and finally dev. If the instance name cannot be resolved into a directory, default is used instead.