Getting started

Server requirements

ICanBoogie has a few system requirements, which are usually covered by any PHP installation:

Installing ICanBoogie

ICanBoogie uses Composer to manage its dependencies, before proceeding any further, make sure it is available on your machine. Use its create-project command to install the Hello World! starter project:

$ composer create-project --prefer-dist -s dev icanboogie/app-hello hello

Web directory

After installing ICanBoogie, you should configure your web server's document root to be the web directory. The index.php in this directory serves as the front controller for all HTTP requests entering your application.

Directory permissions

After installing ICanBoogie, you may need to change the permissions of the repository folder so that its content is writable your web server. The directory is used to store framework variables and cache files. ICanBoogie will complain if you activate caching but the directory is either missing or not writable.

Configuration files

Configuration files are stored in config directories. The main configuration directory of your application is app/all/config. What you define here overrides the configuration of the application's components.

Running ICanBoogie

You can use PHP's built-in web server to serve your application. Use ICanBoogie's run command to start a development server, the command will automatically find an available port and provide you the URL to the server:

$ cd hello
$ ./icanboogie run

A similar message is displayed when the development server is running.

ICanBoogie development server started on http://localhost:8006/

Of course Apache or NGIX would be more efficient, but PHP's built-in web server requires zero setup.